Book Club

Questions to use during your Book Club discussions

  • Do you think Jackie should have retired and moved home to assume the head coaching position of her father’s team?
  • Is it better to take the advice of a family member or friend or try to figure out things on your own?
  • How do you think Jackie’s relationship with her father did or will influence the relationship she has with Adaris?
  • How important is it for a woman to have a father/father figure in her life?
  • How important is it for a man to have a mother/mother figure in his life?
  • How does coaching a child in the new millennium differ in how children were coached in the past?
  • Should Jackie have told Adaris that she would be coaching his child at the beginning of their relationship?
  • Was it wise for Jackie and Adaris to keep their distance from each other once he found out she was coaching his son?
  • How productive can a coach be when coaching their child?
  • Are long marriages a thing of the past?  What characteristics did you see in Jackie’s parents vs. the relationships of her and her friends?
  • How quickly should someone start dating after the death of a loved one or spouse?  Is there a time limit?
  • How difficult is it to date a professional athlete and are they able to have monogamous relationships?
  • Should Jackie have written the letter to her Aunt Lucy?