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Shoot The Lights Out

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When Jackie Donovan stumbles over Adaris Singleton at the Nashville airport while en route to her dad’s funeral, little does she know that her trip will lead to love, loss, and basketball.

Shoot the Lights out is the story of a newly retired WNBA basketball player who returns home to assume the coaching position vacated by a beloved coach who amassed 13 state championships and turned out more college-bound athletes than anyone else in Tennessee history…who just so happens to be her recently deceased father. As Jackie figures out how to coach 13 rambunctious high school boys, she falls head over heels in love with Adaris Singleton, the all-pro star of the Tennessee Trailblazers football team.

Happily ever after is dribbled down the drain when Adaris finds out that Jackie is coaching his son. The pressure is on as Jackie and Adaris figure out how to navigate their relationship on and off the court. They are supported throughout by a cast of characters—a.k.a. their best friends Keeva, Chris, Max, Shelley, Amos, and Serena, and family matriarchs Ella and Aunt D—who dispense advice and wisdom about death, life, and, ultimately, the game of love.

 So, the game is on—relax and enjoy it play-by-play in Shoot the Lights Out!





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All is far in love and war…Turf Wars that is. 

The “Shoot the Lights Out” saga continues! As Adaris and Jackie walk down the aisle, Keeva must decide if her love for Amos can transcend her lack of faith in happily ever after. Aside from the fact that Amos is too big, too young, and seemingly too distracted by a young lady that seems to be everywhere. 
During the sequel secrets are revealed that have great consequences as Amos enlists the crew to help him get Keeva on his turf by stripping her confidence and challenging the wall she has meticulously built making her reexamine her thoughts on family, friendships, and her career. The battle of wills proves that it’s important to win the war by any means necessary. That is the war of love as Keeva decides if she can relinquish the past to become the virtuous woman in Amos’ future!