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All is fair in love and war…Turf Wars that is.

The “Shoot the Lights Out” saga continues! As Adaris and Jackie walk down the aisle, Keeva must decide if her love for Amos can transcend her lack of faith in happily ever after. Aside from the fact that Amos is too big, too young, and seemingly too distracted by a young lady that seems to be everywhere.
During the sequel secrets are revealed that have great consequences as Amos enlists the crew to help him get Keeva on his turf by stripping her confidence and challenging the wall she has meticulously built making her reexamine her thoughts on family, friendships, and her career. The battle of wills proves that it’s important to win the war by any means necessary. That is the war of love as Keeva decides if she can relinquish the past to become the virtuous woman in Amos’ future!

 Below you have the opportunity to purchase the sequel to Shoot the Lights Out, Turf Wars, for only $12 plus shipping and handling, or you can purchase the complete GameTime Series, including a copy of Shoot the Lights Out and Turf Wars,  for only $21 plus shipping and handling!

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